7 Reasons We Love Brendon Urie

7 Reasons We Love Brendon Urie

BRENDON URIE - Tricking the world with a sense of poise and rationality since 2005, And it’s his birthday tomorrow !! So I give you the top 7 reasons why we put up with him (just kidding ;) )

1. He’s the voice behind Panic! At The Disco

Gone are the days of lengthy [and irrelevant] song titles but his positive hardcore thursdays and clean falsettos don’t fail to seep to our bones and soul.

2. He’…

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Sense of Urgency

6 months, 3 weeks and 4 days. 

I’ve got that time before I hit the testing room and take the board exam. I’ve go time to cover 7 board exam subjects. I am not troubled. (Have you ever heard of sarcasm?) OK I am, somehow. So I make all efforts to minimize the paranoia I have by reviewing before I actually start the “formal” review in a review school. 

It’s not easy having a night-shift job and…

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